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It is our minds
that created the world!

A community centered around exploring, developing, and transforming all aspects of life.

It is our minds that created the world!

A community centered around exploring, developing, and transforming all aspects of life.

Liliana Cristea Meraki Neuro Solutions
Liliana Cristea Meraki Neuro Solutions

I would like to share the reasons behind developing a community dedicated to emotional and professional growth. In a rapidly changing world, I’ve observed that stress, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion have become increasingly prevalent among many individuals. Moreover, the pressure to enhance our skills and stay competitive in the professional realm has significantly escalated.

To tackle these challenges, I’ve created this community to foster the emotional and professional development of its members. Our aim is to establish a secure and supportive space where you can exchange experiences, learn from one another, and access resources and tools that will aid you in your journey of personal and professional growth.

Liliana Cristea,
Psychologist – Psychotherapist

Guiding Principles

Because your experiences matter!


Our community provides you with a distinct opportunity to engage in advanced courses and workshops led by me, Liliana Cristea, a licensed and internationally accredited Psychologist – Psychotherapist, as well as other psychologists and influential figures in the realm of personal and professional growth. These sessions are specifically designed to offer you the latest insights and evidence-based techniques in the field of emotional and professional development.

Meraki Neuro Solutions - Principii Informarea
Meraki Neuro Solutions - Principii Dezvoltare Personala si Relationala Integrata

Integrated Personal and Relational Development

We will be hosting weekly workshops on a range of subjects pertaining to personal and interpersonal development. These interactive sessions will provide participants with the opportunity to learn and apply practical techniques grounded in scientific research, enabling them to improve their skills and achieve their personal and relational objectives.

The Integrated Personal and Relational Development Department will provide the chance to partake in exclusive retreats, allowing participants to retreat to a serene setting and immerse themselves in intensive personal and relational development. These retreats will feature guided group and individual sessions, led by experts in the field, to facilitate experiential learning and personal growth.

Participants will have the chance to engage in mastermind groups, where professionals and like-minded individuals come together to collaborate, share their expertise, and mutually support each other in their personal and relational growth. These mastermind sessions will center around cutting-edge techniques and efficient learning strategies, aimed at expediting development and attaining lasting outcomes.

Business Performance Optimization

The “Business Performance Optimization” Department (BPO) is dedicated to applying psychological principles and techniques in the business domain, with the goal of improving efficiency, productivity, and the overall success of organizations and employees. This department offers a diverse array of services and programs, such as consultancy, coaching, training, and organizational development, customized to meet the specific needs of clients and their respective industries.

Meraki Neuro Solutions - Principii Optimizarea Performantei in Afaceri


With our mind we create the world!

Enhancing efficiency and productivity: The BPO department leverages psychological techniques and strategies in the business realm to assist organizations in improving their efficiency and productivity. This results in better outcomes and increased profitability.

Improving organizational culture: The BPO department works towards developing and promoting a healthy and positive organizational culture that supports individuals in achieving their professional goals and motivates them to surpass their own limits.

Developing leadership and management skills: The BPO department provides leadership and management development programs that assist leaders and managers in enhancing their communication, decision-making, and conflict management skills, enabling them to effectively lead their teams.

Mitigating stress and burnout: The BPO department aids employees in preventing burnout and maintaining a healthy work-life balance by implementing stress management techniques and fostering emotional well-being.

Talent retention and attraction: An organization that invests in people development and enhances its organizational culture will experience higher talent retention rates and attract qualified and motivated individuals.

Promoting innovation and adaptability: The BPO department fosters creative thinking and innovation, empowering organizations to adapt to the dynamic business environment and remain competitive in the market.

Membership Plans

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